Yes, I want to be a MoBster!

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MOB LOGO_Circle.png

Yes, I want to be a MoBster!


Your annual membership fee of $350 gives you:

  • 8 MoB ONLY educational/inspiring Events September-April

  • additional MoB ONLY special Events throughout the year

  • attend complimenatry Movie premieres 

  • exclusive MoB membership gift bag

  • hot off the press MoB newsletters

  • pre-register to all MoB events

  • get special access to The MoB Private FaceBook Group with live streaming of events, recaps of events, special retail and merchandise offers, resources, links and a MoBster only place for you to share!

  • get VIP notice to MoB events

  • get special discounts and promotions for MoBster's ONLY

  • special happy hour and social get togethers!

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